Our Story


One needs to be an entrepreneur in soul, and experienced executive in practice to really initiate ventures and help enterpreneurs. Just money, will never do the magic. And its better that you are a hands on enterpreneur as well. Its better you have it in your heart.

With this guideline in mind we established NetMe Ventures & Investments in 2011.

Tuvia Marmarelli, a Comverse veteran executive and the founder of the Israeli Hitech Organization, gathered a group of practical international angels to partner and serve as the startpoint for NetMe. Arround it, a global network of well connected Hitech business personnel - many worked in the past or are working now in top level positions in international corporations and investments houses. Veterans from Comverse, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, HP, IBM, Microsoft and several known telco operators all over the world, partner with us. We initiate our own net ventures and are open to seed good ideas. We may provide pre-seed and seed financing, but mostly, we provide hands on experience and well established connections worldwide - to take an initiative to the place it is aimed to, in a fast lane. And when we are on board, there is a better chance to exploit the opportunity and go for a serious financial round.

Added Value

We have together accumulated many years of "hands on" experience in the Hitech arena, a huge network of contacts openning easily any door, a profound understanding of “how to create great companies & winning teams”, how to develop a technological product and create an excelent "go to market" stratgety and busines model, that will sell, faster. We assist in building successful teams and if needed, we, and our partners, put our hands in the "dirt" and practically become part of the business, penetrating the market for them. We are committed to our ventures success.

Fields of Interest

NetMe invests mainly in its partner’s network fields of expertise such as Internet, Telecommunication, IT, Corporate Software and more.

Level of Investment

NetMe takes part in the first round at the seed and pre-seed level of the start-up, providing angel-like financing. NetMe gives the start-up a head start to achieve real feasibility to the concept, to package its marketing message, gaining together the first customers and bring along a VC/additional investors that will invest in the next round.