Our focus   

We initiate, invest and provide market opening services in the following sectors, among others:
  • Internet & Media
  • Communication & Wireless Technologies
  • Interesting & unique business models in any industry

What we look for

In addition to initiation of our own finnaced ventures, NetMe is a seed-stage and early-stage angels investment group with worldwide expert angel partners network. We’re looking to invest in entrepreneurial teams with big ideas and a need for angels advice, networking and seed capital to turn their ideas into great companies. 

On a more tactical level, the characteristics of the companies we invest in are:

  • Sectors:  Internet & Media, Telecom, Software & unique business models

  • Funding: Seeking seed or early investments from $10,000 to $500,000

  • A venture to which our network adds instant business value

  • A convincing Business model with short breakeven point

If this sounds like your initiative, please send us a one pager executive summary.

How we work

We have personal experience as entrepreneurs, and senior executives of emerging companies. We know what it takes to build a company - we’ve been there. Our entrepreneurs are the core of our business, we offer our advice but we don’t impose it.

We make our business network work for you to create strategic partnerships, win milestone customers and choose the best board members and advisors. We’re committed to working with entrepreneurs who have the ability and the drive to build world-class companies that can become global players or category leaders in their market.

As our partners are well connected international telecom and software veterans, we are also taking  "Market Making" missions and present a startup or its products to potential customers, making the first sales for them, faster than they ever imagined, highering their value for financing rounds.

Our process is very simple: We hear you, you leave clear materials with us, we come back to you with a feedback, we see the team, we decide. Than we work together to accomplish the goals. A good business plan and pitch is always good - but is not a must. We trust our intuition and experience.

We like clear presentations and documents. We like lean, mean and focused teams. No extravaganza please... we will not be impressed... :-)  Our dream pitch would be a purposeful executive summary and a short business plan with an expenses model for few years.