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Next HIT 2012 was conducted yesterday as a cooperation between Seed Club IL (the investment club of NetMe Ventures) and the Holon Institute of Technology. This event is the 1st in a series of similar events to be conducted by Seed Club IL later on in the year. Here is what Globes, the Israeli business daily had to say about the event

Seed Club is an international investment club which follows the Seed Speed Dating Methodology (the method (originated and introduced first by by NetMe Ventures). Club members (selectively chosen investors from Israel and abroad) meet frequently at the club’s Seed Speed Dating events to meet entrepreneurs to decide on investment opportunities and directions. The methodology serves the members to quickly review many initiatives, and entrepreneurs to refine and sharpen their pitch and expose themselves, networking with top level investors. In short, Seed Speed Dating methodology of NetMe Ventures is the fastest and most effective methodology to get funding for ventures and startups.

As preparation for the Next HIT 2012 event, NetMe reviewed 52 ventures (40 hitech in various phases, and 12 design projects of Holon Institute of Technology graduates - the design faculty). A total of 11 Hi-tech ventures and 8 design projects were chosen to present and are searching funds of about $ 6 Millon.

The audience included about 90 people, 25 are industry veteran investors, representing over $600 Millions capital 25 investors (most of them from the Hitech sector). We were honored by the presence of David Assia, one of Israel’s hi-tech most admired founders and investor, a man with a heart bigger only from his industry knowledge… additionally we had partners of Carmel ventures, Afterdox, Comverse veterans as well as many other angel put in site

We already know about further meetings with 9 startups, with serious investment intention of about $4 Million/ Although this is only the beginning, and no guaranty for any final investment, the organizers, the investors and the entrepreneurs are pleased with the event’s results till now, looking forward to further developments.

We must note the special cooperation of Seed Club IL  of NetMe ventures and the Holon Institute of Technology (headed by HIT’s President – Prof. Gady Golan, and the Dean of Academic Entrepreneurship – Dr. Vered Holzman and their teams).

Additional events are planned. Following the exposure of the Seed Speed Dating methodology and event success, we expand and open Seed Club IL doors for additional investors and entrepreneurs who wish to participate in our next events.

Please spread the word.

We are now planning our next event in Israel.  Register here.

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