We know that money does not guarantee success. It's the way you do it. It's the passion, the innovation, the team, the execution, the experience. It's the international contacts. It's a journey and it's whom you partner with along the way. And who stays with you when it's difficult. NetMe initiates its own ventures, constantly scouts technologies & investments on behalf of foreign investors, and in general - build great ideas into exceptional companies and seedtalented entrepreneurs into genuine leaders. As veterans in the software and telecom arena with a significant track record, we have individually and collectively gone through every stage of a company building lifecycle, from small companies to huge organizations, and our perspective – drawn from both sides of the investment equation – is based on real life experiences.

The wider NetMe team includes angel partners with extensive knowhow, that served or are serving now in well-respected positions in the High Tech scene in Israel and internationally. Many of them, including the management team, are veterans who know each other for long and continue to work together. This network helps us reach international penetration to customers easier than others - helping our ventures. We welcome any founder/entrepreneur with a vision, a plan and a team in mind. We have been in entrepreneur’s shoes and in seasoned executives shoes; we have the technical knowhow, the international network and the relevant experience; we speak the entrepreneur’s language; all bring tremendous value partnering with entrepreneurs easily.

With over 30 years of achievements in technology markets we'll help our ventures founders to manage, grow, and successfully exit. We invest primarily in early stage companies in the fields of Internet Services, Media, Software & Communications. With over 20 experienced angel partners we believe NetMe should be your obvious practical step in exploring what you can realistically do with your initiative. We'll refine your plans and strategize together with you, as well as polish your group with the right skills so we reach readiness together for the next rounds, till the initiative becomes a money making business.

We will be there with you, with our experience, investment and heart.

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